Artdirector: Thomas Böttcher; Copywriters: Carsten Setzke, Thomas Böttcher
The layouts were created as collages with the help of Canon color copies

Art Direction, Illustration, Advertising

Legal Doping.
Now fill up with vitamins. With juices and candies from the DEA shop
Love to Go.
Romance novels in the DEA shop
Now is pear time. Free DEA light check.
The German word "pear" is the same for light bulb.
Once thoroughly shake out DM 29.95.
DEA Auto Intensive Interior Care
Our comfort wash. Unfortunately only for cars DM 23.95
DEA comfort wash. Wash, preserve and dry
Cooling water for young and old.
Thirst quencher in the DEA shop.
Little pleasures for the big journey.
Travel companion from the DEA Shop.
Thank You for Your attention

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