Saturday on the Geislinger Steige
Passenger train No. 86 takes the last few meters of the ascent

It is spring 1930. 
The Württemberg T5 tank locomotive with the Reichsbahn number 75 024 from the Geislingen depot has taken over the train before the 1:44 gradient of the line. It will take him to his final destination in Ulm. At the end of the train, one of the five T20 pushing locomotives stationed in Geislingen helps for the mountain route. Directly behind the train locomotive we can see an express freight car and a mail car. Otherwise, with the exception of a two-axle 2nd and 3rd class passenger car, the train consists of Württemberg two-axle 3rd class vehicles with a wooden body. A Württemberg baggage car closes the train.

As usual I start with a sketch and work from the background to the finished illustration. All done in Adobe Fresco and the famous Kyle T. Webster brushes.
Thank You for Watching!

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